With many people opting for a 'local' holiday this year, our beloved Guernsey and the surrounding islands are a great option if you are looking for some adventures that aren't going to take you too far from home, but definitely give you those precious summer vibes!

VisitGuernsey.com have loads of superb insight into where to go, what to see and where to stay. So, we thought we'd share one of their most popular posts about some of the many beautiful, hidden spots around our Guernsey...

Pleinmont cliffs, Guernsey by Enrapture Captivating Media

There are so many hidden beaches and bays in the Islands of Guernsey. Each one perfect for taking a quick dip, enjoying a wonderful view or simply spending a little time.

You are never far away from a beautiful hidden beach or bay, where you can relish the solitude and forget the outside world exists. You can usually find one by simply stumbling across it during a coastal walk, but to know exactly where our locals like to go, it takes a little more research. 

Bec Du Nez by VisitGuernsey.com

Bec du Nez

Bec du Nez is a lovely quaint fishing harbour nestled in the cliffs of St Martin in Guernsey. It has been used by fishermen for generations for catching crabs. Surrounded by beautiful wild flowers, it is a pretty place to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the island views out to our neighbouring islands of Sark & Herm.

Marble Bay by VisitGuernsey.com

Marble Bay

Marble Bay is a small, secluded rocky cove situated near the south east point of the island, with stunning views towards Herm and Sark. Get there by walking the cliff path from St Peter Port town, passing the pretty Fermain Bay with its turquoise waters, and Bec Du Nez along the way, and you will reach Marble Bay.

If you don't fancy walking that far along the cliff path, drive or take the bus to Jerbourg point, where you’ll find parking, a kiosk and Hotel Jerbourg. You can then walk down the cliff steps and along the path towards St Peter Port, and you will reach the Bay. It’s well worth the effort.

Port Soif by VisitGuernsey.com

Port Soif

Whilst many flock to the most easily accessible West coast beaches of Cobo and Vazon, it’s worth heading a little bit further north up the coast road and finding yourself a space on the beach at the charming Port Soif. A horseshoe-shaped bay, it is perfect for swimming with the family when the tide is just right. The unique pink granite rocks also make it a pretty place to spend an afternoon. There’s also a beach café, Surfside, which is known for its excellent crab sandwiches.

Le Gouffre by VisitGuernsey.com

Le Gouffre

Le Gouffre is definitely a hidden gem. A small swimming spot off the beaten path, the restaurant of the same name is somewhere locals flock to for a quiet seafood lunch with a view, as well as stop in the delightful gift shop opposite. The coast is beautifully wild and rugged here. It is also the last stop for a swim, a snack and a toilet break before you carry on along the cliffs, so it’s worth spending some time enjoying the facilities before you continue on.

Fisherman's Landing at Saints Bay by VisitGuernsey.com

Fisherman’s Landing at Saints Bay

If you find your way to Saint’s Bay on foot, then you will be grateful for a quick dip in this beautifully clear azure cove before exploring the surrounding area. It’s one of the most Instagrammable places in The Islands of Guernsey, so be sure to spend some time enjoying it. For the more active visitor, the Saints Bay steps are a popular place for a workout with a view in Mother Nature's gym - the perfect way to warm up before a dip in the sea to cool off afterwards!

Derrible Bay by VisitGuernsey.com

Derrible Bay

Every beach in Sark can feel hidden and secret. As the island sits quite high on the cliff tops, you often have to work a little harder to reach one of the many coves and bays on the island. Derrible Bay has some pebbles and rocks, but is a mainly sandy beach on Sark. It's best at low tide but it is lovely swimming off the rocks at high tide. As the path to the bay is a little steeper than some of Sark’s other beaches, it’s almost always less busy than neighbouring bays, making it the perfect hidden treasure for those visiting the island.

Sark Venus Pool by VisitGuernsey.com

Sark Venus Pool 

Situated south of Little Sark, the Venus Pool is accessed via a series of paths that add to the wonder that is this hidden gem once you arrive. It is a great little rock pool that is a fantastic place to dive and swim, popular with both locals and visitors alike. As with many secret bays on the Islands of Guernsey, be sure to keep an eye on the tide times before you head down to explore.

Belvior Bay by VisitGuernsey.com

Belvoir Bay

Small, but perfectly formed, Belvoir Bay is a beautiful sandy cove on the east of Herm. Quite the sun trap, the beach has a lot of shelter from the wind. Whilst many will head to Shell Beach on Herm Island, Belvoir is a wonderful place to spend the day. It also boasts its own kiosk sitting over the pretty bay, so you’ll have all you need to spend a while enjoying the scenery.

Saye Bay by VisitGuernsey.com

Saye Bay

Over in Alderney, Saye Bay, pronounced 'Soy Bay', is a true hidden gem and arguably one of Alderney’s most beautiful beaches. Whilst many visitors will know to head to Braye Beach, Saye Bay is generally much quieter and a popular spot with locals. It is a wonderful place to walk and explore as the area is surrounded by the remains of WW2 battlements and is also flagged by Arch Bay and Corblets Beach, both just a stone’s throw away. Take a quick swim or simply sit and enjoy the scenery.

Any bay or beach that you find on your adventures around The Islands of Guernsey will be magical. We cannot wait to welcome you to enjoy a holiday with us.



Special thanks to the team at VisitGuernsey.com, read this and loads more about what you can get up to in Guernsey by visiting their blog.

August 08, 2022 — Isaac Stott