We Are Vazon Watches

Five years ago, we set out to create hand assembled watches of the highest quality craftsmanship. We combined this pursuit with our passion for adventure and Vazon Watches was born. Our hope is that our handcrafted timepieces inspire you to get off the beaten track and make the most of your time.

Inspired by the spirit of island life

We find inspiration in our surroundings. Living in the Channel Islands, you learn a thing or two about getting off the beaten track for a moment in time to be present. Time to reignite a passion for adventure, to take that risk that could transform the landscape of your life.

Here on Guernsey, our landscape daily illustrates to us the transformative power of time. With a tidal range of 33 feet, one of the largest in the world, our coastline is completely transformed every six hours or so. Our mission is simple. A small moment in time can have big impact and we value those moments that spark new direction, whether big or small. 



Meet our watches

Inspired by our heritage of sand racing at Vazon Bay, this first collection captures the spirit of who we are.

Vazon Bay

With a classic monochrome scheme, brushed stainless steel case, and contrasting second hand sub dial, Vazon Bay is a bold and versatile watch with a touch of vintage charm.


Ainsdale marries vintage motorsport charm with contemporary design. This high accuracy Miyota OS20 chronograph is built for powerful time keeping, helping you make the most of your time whether on or off the track.

Black Rock

Black Rock features bold red detailing, reminiscent of bright flashes of colour as engines sped across wet sand. The combination of brushed stainless steel with a black dial and contrasting red stitching makes this one of our boldest pieces, balancing sport with vintage aesthetic in this eye catching design.