Adventure can take you many places near and far - along dirt roads, up weathered mountains and down ancient trails. Sometimes it leads you to tropical islands...

To truly be 'in the spirit of island life', we caught up with an island local - our friend Julius Agung, a keen petrol-head, Ainsdale watch lover, and fellow sandracer based in Bali, Indonesia.

Julius Agung on his Royal Enfield Himilayan

I've loved motorbikes since I was 14 years old, my favourite ride is my Kawasaki W175 (amongst many others!) and I'm lucky to be able to live in Bali - a beautiful place for me to travel and enjoy with friends. I still like exploring many of the beaches here, it's really fun with the sound of the waves crashing and the warmth of the sunset as you ride.

Julius' top three spots to visit in Bali:

Pasut Beach - by Julius Agung


Known for it's beautiful palm trees and incredible black sand, Pasut Beach is a quiet spot to find the perfect long sunsets and wide open space to ride wild into the night. Located just north-west from Denpasar, it'll take around 1.5hrs from the city centre. This beautifully untouched beach is completely natural, with very few visitors during the day, and only a handful of locals out for a walk or kids playing football at sunset. 


Garuda Wisnu Kencana - by Julius Agung


Even though it's more of a tourist-y location, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park holds lots of the documented history about Bali and it's many statues that makes the rest of your adventures that much more interesting - as well as the journey to it taking you through the villages and streets of the 'real' Bali, letting you see and take in the culture as it is today.


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Melasti Beach - by Julius Agung


With some awesome twists and turns on windy roads by limestone cliffs, Melasti Beach is tucked away right at the bottom of the island. A great spot to see the stretching ocean views, pristine white sand and bright blue water of Bali. The beach is around an hour from Canggu and has a lot of other fairly local places to explore like Green Bowl Beach.


Bali Travels - by Julius Agung

I still love to get out on the bike and adventure - nothing beats the beautiful calm trip to the beach, along the way we can see rice fields and our Balinese culture - hopefully some of you can come back and I will take you to a nice place to visit!

With thanks to Julius Agung. You can find Julius and follow his travels on Instagram at @juliusagungs. Photos by @Krhisnade (except Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park)

Julius Agung at Pasut Beach, BaliBali Travel - by Julius AgungSandracing - by Julius Agung

March 31, 2022 — Isaac Stott