Vazon launches with a watch that speaks to the heart of who we are, The Sandracer. A collection of three stainless steel Chronographs with high accuracy Japanese date/time movement and 10ATM water resistance.

Vazon Bay is not only one of the best beaches for surfing, it’s also the home of Guernsey Sand Racing. Guernsey’s British Sand Ace Championship ran from the 1920s through to 2019 and was a laid-back, easy going affair drawing sand racing enthusiasts from all over the world.



An assortment of cars and motorcycles would assemble down on the beach while crowds gathered with their picnic blankets to watch the spectacular sight of freewheeling, fast-moving racing, the bellows of engines echoing off the landscape and tails of wet sand flying up from spinning tires. When the tide came in, we called it a day and the racers towed their set of wheels back to their garages, cars covered in wet sand and the drivers covered in bruises.

It’s not your usual sport, it’s gritty, it’s off the beaten track, it’s the spirit of this island life that we love so much.


March 15, 2022 — Amy Philip
Tags: Sand Racing